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The Czech House Moscow was brought under Czech Centre management in 2002 and has since been a significant contributor to the financing of the organization’s entire network. It represents the largest base for Czech export activities in the Russian Federation and creates a platform for making top management contacts.

  • It provides office facilities with apartments for Czech business representatives, including supplementary services for business meetings (presentations, banquets, business lunches and other business/social and cultural events).
  • It provides convivial facilities for family members of Czech business representatives.
  • It offers Czech citizens hotel accommodations and catering services.
  • It holds ISO 9001 quality management certification.

The Czech House Moscow is one of the 27 centres within the network of Czech Centres abroad.

General management of the activities of Czech centres abroad is provided by the Management of Czech Centres Prague, the subordinate organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The activities of the Czech House Moscow are aimed at implementing the state policy of international cooperation, facilitating the dissemination abroad of an objective view of the modern Czech Republic.

The main activity of the Czech House Moscow is to support and promote Czech exports of goods and services to the Russian Federation.

The main tasks of the Czech House Moscow

  • Ensure the implementation of the policy of economic diplomacy of the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation.
  • Establish a facility for the activities of Czech business entities in the Russian Federation.
  • Create comfortable and suitable accommodation for Czech enterprise subjects in the Russian Federation.
  • Implement support information for interested Czech and Russian participants in foreign trade activities.
  • Assist Czech entrepreneurs in the selection of Russian partners for the implementation of joint projects.
  • Assist in establishing and developing trade relations between individuals and legal entities of the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation.
  • Assist Czech entrepreneurs in holding fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars on the development of mutual cooperation.

In the framework of a single pro-export policy, the Czech House Moscow coordinates its activities with the Economic Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic. They work closely with the state agency for trade support CzechTrade and with the state agency for tourism, support the National Tourist Board CzechTourism and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the CIS countries.