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“A reasonably-developed vision will make it possible to reasonably invest in improving services – not just money, but also the time and effort of people.”


The Czech Centre – Czech House Moscow is a network of 22 Czech Centres abroad, presenting Czech culture within an international scene and strengthening the reputation of the Czech Republic. The Czech Centres are a contributing organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Centre – Czech House Moscow is an integral part of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation, where it operates the largest Czech republic abroad providing dignified facilities for the long-term presence of over 100 representatives of Czech companies, for business meetings, presentations, banquets and other business, social and cultural events .

VISION and the MISSION of the Czech Centre – Czech House Moscow

Everything we do, from securing safe living in modern, well-equipped apartments and hotel rooms, to creating a base for business entities according to their individual needs or offering flexible assistance in searching for potential Russian business partners or providing constantly high quality gastronomical cuisine and wide range of relaxation services like the sports centre, and a wide variety of cultural and social events, we always supports our mission: To provide high quality and full-fledged background for Czech citizens living and working in the Russian Federation, especially in Moscow.

In the current year, the Czech Centre – Czech House Moscow wants to become more:

Open to accepting new ideas and promoting their realization.

Diverse by addressing each customer individually and with the utmost care to address his or her suggestions and requirements.

Business oriented by looking for new business partnerships, exploring new trends and flexibly responding to economic and social developments in the Russian Federation.

International by continuing to promote the reputation of the Czech Republic through the presentation of cultural and business activities.