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The Czech House Moscow received the prestigious National Quality Award of the Czech Republic in the START PLUS program and was awarded the title “SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION”.


The award ceremony to the best Czech companies and organizations took place on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle. National quality prizes are awarded in more than 80 countries worldwide according to uniform assessment criteria. The EFQM Excellence Model is used in the Czech Republic. Individual programs The National Quality Awards of the Czech Republic have been created as one of the tools to start the innovation path and to improve all activities and processes of organizations, including comparisons with other organizations. On the evening organized under the auspices of Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, Milan Štěch, President of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade, Robert Szurman, Chairman of the Council of Quality of the Czech Republic, won the prestigious title ” the Czech House Moscow, which also received the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

The prize was taken over by Mgr. Jiří Podhola, MBA, Director of the Czech House Moscow.

In less than two years of his working position, Jiří Podhola succeeded in a substantial shift in the Czech House Moscow’s economy in innovation and improved service delivery.

“Participating in the national prize proves to us that our goals and priorities are set optimally and where possible areas for improvement are an impetus for further development,” said the director of the Czech House Moscow. “The award in the Czech National Quality Award is the best guarantee. The importance and prestige of National Quality Awards are known by dozens of top managers and entrepreneurs. “

The Czech House Moscow represents the largest backdrop for export activities in the Russian Federation, while creating a platform for acquiring contacts in the area of high management.


The Czech House Moscow was awarded the title “Successful Organization” in the Czech National Quality Award in the START PLUS program.

The START Plus program also enables smaller organizations to participate in the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic to increase their competitiveness and improve both management and economic performance. START PLUS is a simplified form of EFQM Excellence Model. It was launched in 2010 and is adapted to Czech organizations and companies. The EFQM excellence model is based on 9 criteria that cover all organization activities. The first five criteria are pre-requisites (as the organization does) and 4 are result-oriented (results based on proposed assumptions). The whole principle is based on the regular self-assessment of organizations so as to achieve gradual improvement between the assumptions and results.
“We realize the effort and cooperation of all employees requires participation in the National Quality Award,” explains Robert Szurman, Chairman of the Quality Council of the Czech Republic. “At the same time, however, we know that engagement brings a very significant improvement to every company in virtually all areas of activity. In order to facilitate entry to the National Prize, the Quality Council decided to announce two START, START and START PLUS programs that are easier to understand and prepare companies to work with the EFQM Excellence Model for 2014. “

Simplified START and START PLUS programs are designed primarily for companies interested in crossing the limits of ISO standards, giving them a TQM or total quality management approach. Participation in the programs will help them to innovate the management system and to compete in a fierce competition.